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Welcome to W Thomas Payne Photography

I started in photography in a very serendipitous manner as a teenager, when I was handed a 35MM Pentax camera body, 3 lenses, and two CASES of film – one color, one black and white.  With a virtually unlimited budget for developing.

Circa 1994 it became clear my Pentax was biting the dust, and digital was the future.  It was also about the time that digital images because close to equal in overal quality with Kodachrome.  (Goodbye Kodachrome, you did me well).

I have concentrated on portrait, landscape, architecture, and fashion photography ever since, and started into the realm of doing this not just for the passion of it, but also to put a few extra bucks in my pocket. 

While I’ve never been a full-time photographer, my 40some years of experience does me well.